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About Us

Audiophile’s have a shared fascination for music & sound appreciation they use this to capture the experience of a live musical performance, and reproduce it at home in a room with good acoustics. When you focus on the sound and get the clarity & harmony that the musicians have labored to perfection over for weeks or months you understand the passion of audiophiles.

As self-confessed audiophiles, iCHOS assembles systems where the primary concern is keeping the sound as pure as possible. A total customised solution is provided that encompasses the best brands in the world to provide the best home theatre experience matched to your space and resources. Have an existing setup? We provide counsel on upgrades or additional equipments that enhance your current installation.

Not the ones to simply unpack the box and connect 'em up, we tweak the system to its full potential using latest acoustic analysers, set out onto audiophile grade racks & stands for the best audio reproduction. We are the only Installer in Goa that have high end and ultra high end equipment on demo. With the aim to satisfy the highest needs & standards by those who enjoy sophisticated sound & vision, we bring to you iCHOS


You want it? We got it!!!

You are deciding on getting a new sound system so what do you need? Consultation on various products …. well we have industry experts to help you.

You want to know a little bit more about the system before making the purchase? We do on site evaluations and home demonstrations so that you can see & hear it work for you in the location you want it.

You have to fight with a sibling or other family member over the remote control? We have an easy solution – using multi zone, multi source distribution everyone is enjoying their own piece of the pie.

You want everything connected at the touch of a button? We say “why shouldn’t it be a seamless experience?” we can work out single room automation as well as whole house automation. Integration and control of one room or your entire pad is just a click away!

You want perfection in the sound? Well, perfection is what you get with our acoustic consultant who will ensure the perfect balance between your top class system and the surrounding environment. Ambient perfection.. ahhhhh

You want to make sure that since you have shelled out the dough, there is value for that money? Well we couldn’t agree more…. we are there to make sure the installation support is there for set-up, connections and calibrations to give you a bang for every buck spent.

You don’t want to be left in the lurch with a glitch that you can’t handle? Of course not, no one does, so we’ll make sure to go through all the features, settings and functions so that you are prepared for it all.

Well now that you have a snazzy new system, your room may need an upgrade… well we have an expert for that too. He’ll handle the installation of rugs/carpets, furniture movement, lights, thematic scheme and ensure that you have your dream theater in place!!

What happens after the sale? Do we part ways? Never!!! We want to make sure you are happy for life! That is why we care more about the “after sales support” we will assist with the service and keep you up to date on the new product launches & upgrades available.

Home is covered. What about your place of work? Why shouldn’t you enjoy great sound everywhere you go? Indeed, we agree…. we offer affordable systems that are easy to handle by your team members from audio to video installations with automation connection to the lights etc. We are there for you.

So finally, you want it? We truly got it!!! We also take it one step further to offer you tie-ups with industry experts to ensure that the best is yours.

Contact iCHOS for everything you want as an audiophile. You’ll get it all under one roof.

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